Agadir seaside resort has deemed the most beautiful sandy beach of the Moroccan Atlantic coast. In addition, thanks to its climate very agrèable with over 300 days a year of sunshine and a gentle, constant temperatures, Agadir is a special place to Living room. It is also the location is the best for excursions and hiking to the south of Morocco. The program of the visit: the cornice, the port and its fish auction, the kasbah, the city center, the mosque of Talborjt and the souk. The city of Morocco’s Atlantic coast is the largest resort in the country. Between a center and a pleasant and vibrant waterfront, Agadir is a city that attracts many tourists and resident aliens. Moreover, the climate is remarkably soft and forgiving throughout the year. The city suffered severe damage during the earthquakes of 1731 and 1960. However, she still boasting its traditional look. The Mèdina was built in 1992 using traditional Berbers techniques. The slaughterhouse district is one of the most popular and least affected by the earthquake of 1960, while the Souk el had¬ a market-decked walls. Agadir seaside resort renowned city of 600,000 inhabitants, is known to be the closest resort of Theories of Europe. The exceptional site of the city includes a beautiful bay, it sunny most of the world. Its 20 km of beach rejoice whole year thousands of vacationers, even in winter. Europeane Theories city par excellence, Agadir has the largest hotel park in the country, situè between the peaks of the High Atlas, Souss is an extremely fertile area, be referred to in the orchard of Morocco. Destroyed almost entirely by an earthquake in February 1960, Agadir was rebuilt according to a modern urbanization plan. You understand, do not go to Agadir order to discover traditional Moroccan city, but to enjoy the beach and trips to the region, particularly in the Souss-Massa National Park.

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