Is a Historic old town, large walls surrounding a medina, all department surrounded by palm trees, date palms and olive trees. Looks like we’re in Marrakech. Yes it is Little Marrakech South.

Formerly, Taroudant exporting its sugar to Europe today is a hotbed of Moroccan agriculture, locates in this rich Souss plain.

Explore the ancient town red fortified located close to the desert of the Sahara. The option of climbing the walls for a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding countryside. Enjoy the panoramic view and keep your portable camera because there will be plenty of photo opportunities.

Enjoy free time to explore the medina and souks of Taroudant. Enjoy the the mint or soda downtown, admire the charm of the souks and remarkable artisans working with leather, copper and especially silver. The city with the red walls of Taroudant, with its ancient medina (old city) and the traditional customs of the East is a refined arrangement means order to discover the Moroccan culture firsthand.

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