Tafraout offers a natural setting and exceptional thanks to the pink granite mountains Theories Äôentourent. It also offers Theories pure Äôair thanks to its altitude of 1100 m, is surrounded Tafraout D, Äôune myriad of rocks of various shapes, rising above D, Äôune grove which houses argan and D, Äôamandiers plantations and , Äôoliviers. In spring, the valley of Tafraout is a beautiful sight when the almond trees are in bloom. The Amazigh people of the valley of Tafraout, cultivate cereals and many fruit trees, the almond trees.

Visit des¬ † † gorges of Ait Mansour¬ which are 30 kms Tafraout s. Countless adobe houses merge to form a single town: The date palm whitewater emulation to show off and seduce. This only happens Afella-Ighir a sublime villages sèrie located 30 kms from the city of Tafraout The village of Aguerd-Oudad, renowned for its high and angled rock Napoleon hat, it is middle of many attractions including Aoumerkt Rocks painted, colored by the Belgian artist Mr. Jean Verame in 1984, is one of the hallmarks of the region.

and provides adventurous visitors a circuit of about 50 kms viable trail through a dozen large and wonderful villages and oases. The first of these villages named “Ait Mansour” is situated in a beautiful long and narrow oasis, crossed by a bank letter still dripping and immured by two boulders from a dizzying height. Other beautiful villages follow. the main one is called “Had ISSI. Before arriving in the center of ISSI Had you spend a vacation exploring an ancient village (Gdourt) where all the houses are welded together. Near the center of Had ISSI exist a dozen wonderful sites and scattered, each housing a large number of rock carvings. And to get to the location of the Mysterious engravings footprint of a civilization that probably dates from centuries, do not hesitate to ask for Mr. Mohamed Sahnoun to accompany you. Married and father of a child, from the region and in perfect connoisseur, you will be invaluable. The circuit does not stop there. the winding track continues Extravaganza too. Ti-Ouadou, Timguelcht, Tizerkine, Taghaout, villages follow one another, each charm and peculiarities Tasserirte up, blasting off the circuit box.

During the 60s and 70s, a significant portion of its population is expatriate outside the region because of drought and holds everywhere, in Morocco and elsewhere, shops or D, Äôautres FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES or commercial.

The Anti-Atlas is a mountain range in southwestern Morocco, between the south-west and north-east, a distance of 600 km, the Central High Atlas and the Sahara Tafilalet Atlantic. This channel belongs to the Atlas Mountains, more specifically, one of the three components of the Moroccan Atlas – the other two Barcelona for it is the High Atlas and the Middle Atlas. See: Aday, Ait Baha, Amtoudi, Askaoun, Assaka Foum Zguid Gorges Ait Mansour, Igherm, Igmir Imi N’Tizghte, Oumesnat, Tadakoust, Tafraoute Taliouine, Taroudant, Tata, Vallèe Ammeln.

small town in the traditional architectural style, refined arrangement remains a place for holidays. This small town, numbering D, Äôhabitants LOWER THAN 5000, enjoys a wonderful and remarkable position in the heart of the mountain range of the anti-atlas causing him Links convenient accommodation compared to other villages in the area. An advantage for visitors to Tafraout sèjour allowing them to organize every day excursions or trips to the villages with historical monuments (Kasbah and traditional houses, ancient rock carvings, ancient Berber architecture, ancient irrigation systems former mills olive oil etc. ¶). Which also allows more while exploring various traditions of the inhabitants of this region of the Anti-Atlas. Among the interesting places to visit, we quote:

The valley where the Ammeln alone is a sèrie all villages at the foot of Jebel Lkest which Oumesnate, Tandilte, Tazoulte, Dimlalen, Ighalen, Asgaour, Asguine, Tamaloukte, Anil, Anammer (blue source) Aguelz, Ait Taleb and Ait Messaoud , Azrou Ouadou etc. The access is difficult for villages and Tagdichte Anergui that are at an altitude of 1400 m

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