One of the imperial cities of Morocco who helped shape the history of Morocco. Marrakech, remains today the fascinating capital of south and reflects the rich history and culture of the entire country.

Marrakech DJAMAA EL FNA¬ † With its historical monuments: the Koutoubia minaret, instead DJAMAA EL FNA, Saadian tombs, the Menara gardens, the palace El Badia and Bahia, the city contains a material culture in which adds another intangible that every visitor finds an animation of streets and every corner of the city, right from the early morning by the calls of merchants and in its center of attraction DJAMAA EL FNA with acrobats, snake charmers and storytellers …

The souks are many and beautiful colors of Marrakech one of the most attractive cities of the kingdom. Marrakech has not demerit the name “Pearl of the South”.

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