Tata, Tafraoute 3 Tagen

Day/1 Agadir / Tata (280 Km)
Breakfast in Agadir, departure to visit the city of Taroudant, Tower Ramparts and visit the souks specialize in handicrafts such as terracotta, wrought iron, pottery.
Through a fascinating decor or alternate palm groves and mountains with the most tortured shapes. Lunch at Taliouine, oases in a valley or almond landscape of agadirs Kasbahs and perched on the hills before your eyes. The mountain air is very invigorating. Architectural curiosity: the Glaoui Kasbah in the east of the village, impressive palace surrounded by cultivated terraces and protected from the sun by the almond trees, continuation to Tata, Tata night

Day/2 Tata / Amtoudi / Tafraout (380 Km)
Breakfast, departure for Tafraout through the beautiful scenery of the mountains of the Anti-Atlas recount their granaries fortresses perched between Tata and Tafraout we cross desert landscapes and remarkable semi-desert, architectural appearance of Banks serials Souss, visit the Agadir Amtoudi dates from the twelfth century and was used until 1956. Is a collective granary used to store grain crops and preserved crops and certain assets against possible attacks. Each family had a special room.
The community property were stored in a space provided on the ground floor. One can enter through a door called Barbican. It was built from adobe, rudimentary material composed of loam molded during construction using branches. It overlooks the canyon and it takes half an hour to get there in 10 minutes if walking horse .. Arriving at Tafraout we visit the famous Painted Rocks and some rock engraving. Unique and picturesque scenery … We will be entitled to bizarre and beautiful forms of pink granite and hung round the foot of the mountain peaks. Overnight in Tafraout

Day/3 Tafraout / 160 Km Agadir
Back to Agadir, on the road to Ait Baha we will visit the Kasbah Tizerguane (with Jamal) continuations to Agadir, we cross forests of Argan and Almond

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