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8h Am — 30 min Starting from AGADIR to granaries: AGADIR INOUMAR (via Ait Baha)

Blasting off from Agadir to take the road to AIT BAHA, through beautiful scenery and arganiers bifurcation towards the gravel path leading to non-tarred the country of these tribes.

Seen from above, the attic (named INOUMAR), which an area of ​​5000 m2 with more than 295 stores scaffolded five blocks at all the trappings of a safe defensive role because overlooking Wadi Urga, d’où had most of the shipments and unexpected attacks in the wake of the instability that marked the end of the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail Alawi (1645/1727).

While the date of construction, in successive stages, this attic is not historically established, it should be noted that Agadir Inoumar gathered the valuable assets of 13 douars, with the key to a multitude of Louhs (wood shelves or paper), defining the rights and obligations of everyone.

This monument, with four towers, three water towers around and two doors, is still guarded by Amin Mohamed Margou, a septuagenarian who approach slender and unfailing availability, reproduced daily the ancestral gestures of the opening and closing of Agadir Inoumar with a key timber, and up and down stairs stone say, Assekfal,.

Repositories of ancestral knowledge, these generally consist of two barns opposite rows of four meters away, often spread over three storied with rooms ranging in length from May to August meters and a width of one meter and a half, against 160 meters in height.

After this warm visit INOUMAR attic, we move to the second visit of IMCHGUIGUILN guided attics and explained by the guardian of these attics appointed ‘AMIN and his wife SAADIA, After sipping a cup of thè prepared using data at the mint to Traditional home in his home nearby barns, we leave them to attend the local souk AIT BAHA if one coincides with the Wednesday or Sunday, official days of the weekly souk.

Back to Agadir on evening.

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